Here at Guitar Pro Guru, we offer custom transcriptions into Guitar Pro, Sibelius, Powertab and Tux Guitar or into ASCII or text-based formats.

Whether you are a guitarist or a bassist, part of a band or a soloist, a student or a professional, a teacher or a performer, access to quality musical scores and tabs can be imperative in getting the music learnt, taught, perfected, recorded, aired and celebrated. We have created hundreds of accurate scores for artists wishing to have their own music available in notated form as well as for players unable to find tabs for more obscure songs or live recordings for which no transcription has ever been crafted. We have wide experience in scoring from live and studio performance as well as from video. In fact, many of our past clients have been in search of high-quality tablatures for live, video versions of songs like you may find on YouTube and have gone away very satisfied.

Here are some examples of recent projects:

Artist Song Video Link Download Sample Format
Stevie Ray Vaughan Testify (MTV Unplugged)  
Merle Travis Cannonball Rag  
Andy James Shine On Through  
Black Crowes Wiser Time
Wiser Time

Whatever your requirement, we are able to offer a high-quality and affordable solution. Please use the links at the top of the page to learn more about the format options available to you and how our prices are the lowest on the web. Please email us at info@guitarproguru.com to enquire further or use our contact form to request a quote for your chosen tab requirement. You can include the URL link to the song of your choice on YouTube or attach mp3 or WAV files etc. of the piece you would like us to transcribe.

If you are in need of having a recording of your own music made into a transcription, we request that you upload or email the individual files of the tracks you'd like scored so that we can hear clearly what the individual instruments are playing. If this is not possible, the entire track can be uploaded and we will do the rest, no problem.

We also produce high-quality backing tracks to aid your progress as a musician and can create these in various formats to include Guitar Pro, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Garageband, Powertab et al. Please navigate to the order form using the link above or by clicking here to gather a quote.

The site is in continuous development and we hope to have it serve a multitude of musicians over time by creating a vast library of tablatures for download as well as tutorial and tips pages. This will take some time to complete and populate, so please be patient with us while we build the pages to provide this service to you.

We ask that you refrain from sharing any transcriptions you have commissioned with Guitar Pro Guru with others. Doing so may undermine the hard-earned cost you have expended on using our service, our own ability to continue offering the service to you at a reasonable price and the fees we pay those musicians whose work we are asked to transcribe. We aim to protect all of us musicians from the dissemination of our works for illegitimate purpose and to keep music living and breathing, away from the clutches of piracy.

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