Backing Tracks

We also provide high quality, custom backing tracks to aid your learning of certain pieces of music or assist and embellish your live performances. We produce these in Guitar Pro or Logic Pro, depending on your desire and can create special durations, tempos and keys according to your needs. The backing tracks are produced in either MP3 or Wav format. Please use our enquiry form or email us to discuss your requirement.

Our rate for creating backing tracks is the same as that for producing transcriptions and is based on $35/£22 per hour. Again, please enquire so we may offer a quotation based on your need.

If we complete the task in less time than was originally quoted and paid for, we will refund the excess payment or credit it towards a future order you may wish to make. For example;

Quoted time needed 2 hours
Price quoted $70/£44
Actual time taken 1.5 hours
Refund or credit due $17.5/£11

There is an element of flexibility available to all of this and we aim strongly to offer customer satisfaction and competitive pricing, so we may be able to offer you a deal.

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